Monday, 3 February 2014

The Healthy Eating Plan - Step 1

The healthy eating plan.

I've never been good at eating properly. I have always been a mildly fussy eater. I'm also very contrary when it comes to food, something I eat every day for lunch one week will become my idea of food hell the week after. I'm sure my taste buds can't change that quickly so I'm not entirely sure of the cause for this other than boredom.
I'm not interested in food. I love to eat but have no interest in cooking or food preparation. Experimenting with different flavours isn't something I'm keen on and even if I was I wouldn't have any idea where to begin.
I look at the word diet and instantly see it as cutting out all the things I enjoy. Two weeks in and I'm hungry and depressed, counting the hours until I give up and have a chocolate binge.
Because of all these things I have decided to take a more methodical approach to healthy eating. It isn't about getting rid of all the food I enjoy eating but eating them in moderation. No one really needs to eat an entire box of chocolate fingers in one sitting do they?

Step 1 - Fruit 
Before the New Year I introduced bananas in to my diet. Fruit is an alien being in my diet. It isn't that I don't like fruit, but I just don't like it as much as a triple chocolate cookie. 
In an attempt to get more fruit in to my body I am planning on making smoothies. They are quick and easy to make and you can control exactly what goes in to them (no hidden extras or preservatives) I plan on experimenting with lots of different flavours and hopefully sharing my favourites on here.
If I have chocolates next to me I will mindlessly pick at them until I am scraping the bottom of the box within minutes. I have decided to replace my usual box of goodies with a tub of grapes which I can pick at for as long as I like without needing a calculator to add up the calories afterwards. 

Are you starting a healthy eating plan? What steps are you taking towards improving your diet? And what do you think my step 2 should be?

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  1. Yes you so need to do smoothies! I was obsessed with them in summer but in winter they just seem 'wrong'.... like salads!
    I never follow recipes and just throw every kind of fruit in and make sure its got ice and a banana in there but I should actually look for some actual recipes or what until you post some!

    Fee x