Thursday, 6 February 2014

2014 Handbag Wishlist

As a female, it is my prerogative to love handbags. Some people are shoe people, some people are clothes people, I am an everything person. Right now though, handbags are definitely tickling my pickle. I have quickly compiled a wish list of bags I want to add to my wardrobe.

Zara Office City or Mini Office City - £29.99
Zara bags are big business in the blogosphere. They are known for their sleek designer style with their affordable high street price tag. It wasn't until I spotted the Zara City bag on BeautyLoves that I realised just how beautiful these bags are. It took literally seconds before I knew I needed one of them in my life. Now the question is, which colour?

Modalu Pippa Grab Bag - £199  
The Pippa grab bag from Modalu London has been on my wish list for a couple of years now. I first saw it circling the internet, then it appeared in my local Fiorelli outlet store and let me assure you it is even more beautiful in real life. I think the Shark (pictured above) might be my favourite, but I wouldn't turn down the tan either.
The Rebecca Minkoff Clutch is definitely the must have blogger bag at the moment, with bloggers like Khila from Miss Budget Beauty, Fleur from Fleur De Force and Elle from Dreaming In Blush getting it on the action. I adore the typical black and grey colours but the peach (pictured above) and the coral are such beautiful unique shades that they have really caught my eye. 

I had never heard of this bag before until a recent trip to town. While wandering around House Of Fraser I could literally hear this bag calling to me from the other side of the shop. The closer I got, the more in love I fell. It has lips on it for goodness sake, what else could a lipstick blogger possibly want? I literally can't fault this bag, from its shining gold hardware to its buttery leather. It is just perfect.

What bags are you lusting after at the moment? Or have you got your dream bag? Have I made you add any to your list? Let me know. 


  1. You are very very right on you being an everything person! I actually love the Zara one the most. You neeeeeed it in your life in at least two colours.

    Fee x