Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Beauty Confessions

When it comes to beauty flaws and faults I have many . We all cut corners and pick up bad habits from time to time and I am definitely no exception. From cleaning my face to shaving my legs, here are my Beauty Confessions.

* - I hate cleaning my face. I love the feel of it being all clean and fresh but I really hate the effort of removing makeup, cleansing, toning and moisturising. I just want it gone so I can climb in to bed and get my beauty sleep.

* - I definitely don't clean my makeup brushes as often as I should. It is just another task that I will procrastinate my way out of.

* - I never finish products. If I start to come to the end of something I will put it to the back of the drawer and start using something else. I hate the thought of being without them so I just let them sit half used forever.

* - I am a spot picker. Enough said about that.

* - I peel my nail polish off. Very rarely do I use the tradition method of nail polish remover. There is something rather satisfying about peeling the polish off in one big sheet.

* - My dressing table is a disaster zone. I leave the makeup I have used that day on top of my dressing table so I can use it the following day, except then I use something different and do the same with that product, until eventually I can't fit anything else on. I then tidy it all up and start the process all over again.

* - I often only paint the nails on one hand. I will do my right hand then either get bored or tired and give up. Shamefully I will leave the one hand painted for quite a while.

* - I can't do winged eyeliner. I just can't.

* - I don't shave my legs unless someone other than my boyfriend is going to be seeing them.

Don't leave me feeling like a minger, tell me some of your Beauty Confessions below. Do we share any of the same ones?


  1. I can agree with you on most of those, except I do enjoy painting my nails and washing my face. Im totally with you on the leg shaving though, especially in the colder weather. I think my worst habit is leaving lipsticks wherever i go, in every room, every handbag, and even in my car, so when I do my make up and reach into my make up storage for a lippy I cant find any, coz theyre all gone. I have no clue why I do this. Lol
    Emily x


  2. Loved this! I'm rubbish at beauty stuff really - can't do winged eyeliner, can't curl my own hair, constantly touch my face so my make-up rarely lasts the whole day. However, I do the face cleanse/tone/moisturise daily and shave my legs most days too as I'm anti fuzz. It make me uncomfortable haha!

    Penny | www.lilliesandlove.co.uk